A-List: 10 Ways to fight the fleeting of the summer season

A-List Humour

1. Bring a beach ball to class and crowd surf it across the room to keep up the spirit of summer 
Bring several and an air-pump in case they get confiscated.

2. Go to the beach regardless of weather
Soon the sun will realize there are still people on the beach and return.

3. Don’t give up that lazy summer attitude
Homework can wait, you are on a mission to keep the sunny season going.

4. Wear sunglasses at all times
At night this might be difficult, but at least you can sing “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” and mean it.

5. Wear flip-flops at all times
It’s best to exercise mild caution when combined with number 4 at night.

6.  Truck in sand to your living space
Sand is everywhere; add a beach umbrella and a sand pail and you’re golden.

7.  Carry an acoustic guitar and small portable propane fireplace for spontaneous campfire gatherings
These are best done in areas where people are already sitting down, like the library.

8.  Carry water balloons and water guns with you at all times
Spread your message of summer fun through starting water fights.

9. Invest in a suitcase with wheels
If you are following all of these tips, your backpack may be getting a bit heavy.

10. Be physically fit
You might encounter some resistance in the form of angry mobs; be fit enough to run with your suitcase.