10 ways to use your textbooks during reading break

A-List Humour
  1. As kindling
    Big books usually have many pages that are excellent for starting fires in this chilly season.
  2. As a paper weight
    Why not use more paper to weight down your other paper?
  3. As decoration
    Having a date over? Nothing sets the mood like a biology text book, especially if it’s in mint condition.
  4. Slide one under that uneven table leg
    How can you enjoy your reading break if your cereal moves slightly from side to side during breakfast?
  5. Balance them on your head
    Now more than ever, society values proper posture. Why waste your time reading? No one will care what you know if you’re a Slouchy Sally.
  6. Look smart at coffee shops
    Put a much more interesting book behind it and feel the admiration sweep in.
  7. Crack the spines
    Finally, you have time to take part in this guilty pleasure.
  8. Collect dust
    Starting a dust collection? Leave your books untouched and let the dust come to you.
  9. Use them for speedy drinking games
    Flip to a random page; first one who gets bored takes a shot.
  10. Read them to get ahead of your classes
    Disclaimer: This is a joke. For the safety of others and yourself, do not attempt.