2 for Tea with James and Jamesy comes to Victoria

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For James and Jamesy, clown school was the first step towards following their passions. Having originally come from different educational backgrounds, it was within clowning that they found the type of unconventional success that we are all looking for. What they will bring to Victoria on Nov. 28 is their own brainchild, conceived in England shortly after they’d met on the set of a theatre production. Jamesy calls it a “show for everyone”. The intent of the show goes well beyond creating frivolous laughter, as it extends into satire, and touches of metaphysics, though you won’t have to reconsider your own existence to enjoy the show to its fullest extent.

Their performance presents a simple plot that allows room for audience members to play along, and gives James and Jamesy the freedom to move in whichever direction they choose. Jamesy says he would describe the show as “children playing in the sandbox”. The CBC assures us that the show is “such complete and utter fun”, and the Montreal Gazette has called it a “total laugh riot.”

They have already won the prerequisite number of awards to make them a must see for even the most inexperienced of spectators as demonstrated by sold out shows across the country. Victoria’s own Marble Theatre Review, says that “shows like 2 for Tea are, in a way, reclaiming theatre”, in that they offer something that conventional entertainment can’t provide.

A little known fact about James and Jamesy’s 2 for Tea is that the contrastingly idiosyncratic personalities of their characters are less contrived than one would assume. The two friends emphasize that the overtly tidy, and fiendishly messy roles that James and Jamesy play are simply inversions of their true selves. This leads to an introspective analysis on their behalf that the audience has the pleasure to not only observe, but also be a part of.

If you’re interested in enjoying a little limelight, a laugh, and a smile, then bring a teacup, and accept an invitation on behalf of James and Jamesy into their home away from home three nights in a row at the Metro Theatre, beginning Nov. 28.

Tickets ($15) are available through jamesandjamesy.com.