2019 Federal election streeter

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What UVic is saying about the federal election later this month

Days before the federal election, the Martlet ventured across campus to gauge student’s perceptions and opinions on the issues facing our country in the upcoming election.

Students were asked what they thought the biggest issue was in the election, if there was a leader or party they thought would do the best job to alleviate that issue, and to rate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s past four years in office — and whether his recent scandals has influenced their perception of the Liberal leader.

Jamie Auringer: Third year, English

“I would say on a scale from one to 10, [Trudeau’s time in office is] probably a five, like he definitely went back on a lot of promises. I don’t think the SNC-Lavalin [affair] really changed my perception of him. In the beginning I thought ‘Oh yay! Young Justin Trudeau is going to be awesome.’ But I think the things that changed my perceptions more would be like buying the pipeline and stuff like that.”

Austin Bowes: Third year, Microbiology

“I don’t know … Sorry, it’s kind of funny, I don’t particularly have any strong opinions on politics at the moment, I’m kind of just school focused … There’s way too many issues with everything, it’s kind of hard to pick one.”

Aaron Varga: Fourth year, Biology

“It’s always a challenge right, each one has a platform that I like. I know in the past I’ve voted Green because I like the environmental side, so I guess back to your first question maybe environmental issues. At the same time I don’t like a lot of the stuff they [Green Party] stand for.”

Jacklin Henneberry: Third year, Psychology

“Lots of things relating to the environment, such as the pipeline. I think a lot of people are upset with Justin Trudeau for that — myself included. I feel a little bit silly that I voted for a party [in 2015] that’s doing something like that… I want to vote for the NDP, but part of me thinks that is my family influencing me. And then the Liberals are really fucking up.”

Emily Fairbank: Fifth year, Linguistics

“There are a few big ones, but probably environment is front of my mind right now. I don’t feel great about [Justin Trudeau] but I think a couple of the most recent scandals aren’t worth evaluating his whole time in office, but they certainly don’t look great on him either. I feel like he really hasn’t followed through on the things that he promised when he got into office.”