3 alternatives to UVic’s sporting facilities

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Victoria offers a number of different facilities and athletic teams that are open to beginners and intermediate athletes alike. Venture outside of the university’s campus to join athletic teams or programs that match your level of intensity.

Facilities across the city offer team-based sports, classes, and training sessions for anyone interested in venturing further than the university-based sessions, teams, or intramurals.


Victoria Sport & Social Club

The Victoria Sport & Social Club is a lively alternative to playing sports within UVic. All programs are for students 19-plus, so you are guaranteed to be surrounded by students in upper-years of their program.

Sport Manager Keelan Clemens played within the UVic leagues “for years,” he said, and emphasizes the social aspects of this facility.

“We really do emphasize the whole recreational, fun, social aspect of it, rather than the competitive ‘kill each other’ win, win, win,” he said. “That’s why a lot of people choose us over our competitors.”

Sports vary throughout the four seasons, depending on availability and weather. This fall, the facility will be focusing on softball, dodgeball, basketball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, and volleyball. Within each sport, the athlete can decide to enter a recreational league or an intermediate division, which both have fun aspects to them, but vary for different personal skill levels, Clemens said.

Prices vary by sport and season, but are generally around $80 for an individual spot within a team.

Teams give each other “spirit point” rankings at the end of each game, which dictates the team’s standing when playoffs begin. The team captain must submit a spirit point score on a scale of zero to five. A five-point game was enjoyable with no sportsmanship issues, and a zero-point game consists of serious misunderstandings and issues between the teams and players.

“It’s a very welcoming club and organization. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends,” he said.


Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence

Don’t let the title intimidate you. This particular facility accommodates national athletes in their training and conditioning. However, PISE hosts programs throughout the year for beginners to professionals alike that run the length of an academic semester.

The institute has only been open since 2008, and is located on Camosun’s Interurban campus. The facilities also host athlete testing and technology research as well as training programs. Programs offered include bootcamps, spin classes, yoga, and even endurance training.

A daily pass for a student is $6, which gives you access to the fitness facilities, track and training zones, and even fitness professionals to answer your questions.

Programs, training, and classes vary in price. For example, a spin class will cost $84 dollars for a non-member to participate in 12 sessions, with drop-in classes available.


West Shore Parks & Recreation Society

If you are willing to travel outside the immediate university area, the West Shore Parks & Recreation offers a curling rink, a golf course, a skating arena, and other facilities that are difficult to find in close proximity to UVic.

West Shore offers year-long drop-in sessions, including Zumba, Jazzercise, dance fit, ice skating classes, floor hockey, volleyball, and more. The facility also offers courses on outdoor survival training, and other skillset-based courses.

Student discounts are applicable to nearly any activity with a valid student ID, with drop-in fees starting at $4.50.