A-List: 10 rules I made to start this academic year off right

A-List Humour

1. I will go to every class without exception
Except when it’s raining or sunny—can’t go to class feeling depressed or distracted!

2. I will bring a homemade lunch to school instead of buying one
This rule will be easy if I follow rule 1.

3. I will actually do my readings
Readings summarized by Wikipedia, reddit or Twitter count as doing them.

4. I will actually make use of my planner
It will make great kindling when it starts getting cold.

5. I will be more positive and not talk myself down
I’m just so terrible at being positive, it sucks.

6. I will be more prepared for tests
I will take two days to cram instead of one.

7. I will make more friends
Already started—I’ve put out at least five Facebook requests, some to people whom I don’t even know in real life.

8. I will prioritize
School first. No wasting time making lists, especially while taking notes during class. It’s so easy to mix things upDue date on November 15th.

9. I will finish what I start
Because finishing tasks is imp