A-List: 5 ways to beat end of term stress

A-List Humour

Don’t sleep

Sleeping takes valuable time away from looking over your notes. You can sleep when you are dead, which will probably be after you are done your exams.

Plan ahead

Don’t plan things like how to study all of the material you haven’t absorbed. It’s too late for that now. You have to start thinking ahead, like how to fake your death and run away to Mexico when you fail.

Start taking questionable drugs

Using caffeine for alertness and Tylenol for headaches are considered risque in today’s society but well worth it to keep you focused.

Check in with your professors

Long lines during office hours are notorious this time of year. These can be easily skipped by screaming and crying loudly while moving your arms in an erratic, violent fashion to push others out of your way. By screaming the loudest, you will show others that you need the most help.

Drink Red Bull

Consuming massive amounts will keep you alert; if your heart hasn’t stopped, you aren’t drinking enough. It’s when your heart stops that you can really focus with your brain and properly absorb information.