A-list: 5 ways to use old Halloween decorations

A-List Humour

Now that the Halloween season is over, most would throw away or pack up their Halloween decorations. But not you, Thrifty Mcthrifterson, because today you will learn five practical ways to reuse those creepy ghouls, skeletons and fake spider webs.

  1. Scare your significant other
    Nothing spices up a relationship like leftover artificial blood and faking your own death.
  2. Scare your grandmother
    I mean, really, how strong is her heart? There’s only one way to find out!
  3. Scare your friends
    Time to get back at them for that one time they all went to that one movie during that one day you couldn’t make it.
  4. Scare your co-workers
    Sitting at a desk job increases your risk of heart disease and doctors recommend taking hourly activity breaks. Help your co-workers stay active by chasing them around every hour in different masks screaming terrifying things in a deep, unrecognizable voice. Popular phrases include “give me your wallet” and “running only makes me angrier.”
  5. Have scary solo parties
    Celebrate alone while surrounded by your decorations now that everyone you know has left you.