> Undo: This one shouldn’t be a surprise. 

> Paint Bucket: Spend a summer painting houses; you’ll want one, too.

> Hide Layers: The ultimate ad blocker for your life. Make annoying things, people, places and stuff disappear. Out of sight, out of agitated mind. 

> Automate: Magically get your morning routine down. Yawn, shower, eat, put sandwich in brown paper bag and sit listlessly in class. 

> Magic Wand: If you don’t understand why I want a magic wand, you don’t understand magic. 

> Clone Stamp: Could it reproduce cheeseburgers? 

> Find Edges: Ever try to find the bathroom in the dark? This would spare you a lot of pain. 

> Sharpen More: Sometimes you’re stuck in class taking notes and there just isn’t a pencil sharpener to be found. 

> Magnetic Lasso: I’d be like Wonder Woman and Magneto combined. 

> Adjust Curves: If only I weren’t convex in all directions. 

> Convert to Smart Object: We’ve all had encounters with the other kind.

> Magic Eraser: No, not like Mr. Clean — more like, “Farewell, student debt.”