A-list: Head-to-toe realistic summer workout

A-List Humour

Mental Warm Up
Debate buying a gym pass because you know you should go.  Get your brain muscles working harder by actually buying one and debating how much you might actually go and if it was worth the money.

Hand Strengthener
Browse through workout blogs for hours.  Work those wrists harder by favouriting all the post-run photos your friends put up on Instagram.

Arm Action
Set your alarm for 6 a.m. and get ready to hit that snooze button.  Do one set of 10 to 12 every morning.  If that’s not enough, set your alarm for half an hour after every nap for some extra arm action.

Abs like Apatow
Watch your favourite Judd Apatow movie (or any other hilarious comedy) to make those abs sore.  To up the ante, watch standing up.

Legs of Steel
Use your cat’s favourite chair as a foot rest.  Nudge them off every time they try to sit on your feet.

Total Body
Go to a playground with your roommates and relive your childhoods by trying to figure out all the equipment again.  For added cardio, play tag.