A ‘tweet-cap’ of the May 14 UVSS board meeting

Campus News
Haichuan Zhang and David Stevanovic, acclaimed UVSS Directors-at-large with the Envision UVic Slate.
Haichuan Zhang and David Stevanovic, two new Directors-at-Large with the UVSS. Photo by Belle White, Photo Editor.

Pastries, pies, and politics — three topics that held predominant roles at the second UVSS meeting of the 2018–19 term. From easily passing motions to holding a friendly vote for a new director position, the new board acted as two friends on a first date: courteous and eager to cooperate.

However, the night began on a sombre note, as many directors shared their displeasure when they noticed Martlet Editor-in-Chief Cormac O’Brien wasn’t present at the meeting.

Isabella Lee, Director of Student Affairs, was especially poignant about O’Brien not in attendance. (I’ll admit that it slightly hurt my feelings that the new board was disappointed when they saw me, not Cormac, walk in. Where’s my bag of cookies? But I digress . . . )

After years of covering the UVSS, calling them out in question period, and otherwise holding them accountable, it’s easy to see why the board will miss O’Brien in the meeting room.

Next, the board moved into the Reports section of the agenda, which featured brief updates from the directors.

Nathan Ponce, Students of Colour Collective (SOCC) Representative, had the most to say. Ponce informed the board that SOCC is currently in the process of getting local artists and residents to create work for them, giving people of colour a chance to highlight their work.

After the reports, the board switched gears into the ‘meat and potatoes’ part of their agenda—the main motions.

Director-at-Large Tyler Arnold’s motion of updating the Electoral Policy, garnered most of the groups attention.

Essentially, the board decided to ensure the Chief Electoral Officer will prepare a formal Electoral Report containing the results, cost of the event, list of complaints and appeals, and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the overall process.

After brief discussion, the motion was voted on and approved with little displeasure from anyone at the table.

The second motion on the table, included a proposal of the board electing a Director as the ‘Food Bank Director’.

Both nominees were allotted one minute to explain why they would be the ideal candidate and how they would help serve the Food Bank and Free Store.

Gilson and Graham each gave very diplomatic answers, explaining how they respect the Food Bank and would ensure their needs would be met.

Despite this being a possible area of contention as the new board’s relationships were put to the test, the nominees reiterated that no matter the outcome they would still be friends.

Finally, in the new business sections, numerous clubs and course unions were ratified with varying amounts of funding for the Summer 2018 semester.

With the sunshine streaming in through the SUB windows and the mercury rising inside, the board decided to table the rest of the old business— which included filling vacancies on the Clubs Council and SUB Occupants Committee— to the next board meeting on June 4.

With their second official meeting in the books, the board can celebrate that fact no relationships were damaged after the Food Bank Director vote.

Yet, only time will tell if the board can stay on friendly terms throughout the year, or if they instead decide to throw O’Brien’s batch of baked goods across the table at one another.

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