About the Martlet

You’re probably here because you have some questions about the Martlet, an independent newspaper that welcomes submissions from UVic students and anyone who identifies as a member of the UVic or Victoria community.

To get acquainted with our reason for existing, you could start by reading our Statement of Purpose.

You might have some other questions, though. And as journalists, we love nothing more than a great question.

What does “the University of Victoria’s independent newspaper” really mean? When is a good time to visit the Martlet office? How often is the Martlet printed? How frequently is martlet.ca updated? Why does the Martlet have a bird logo? Was the April 1, 2012, issue, the “Marclet,” a typo?

We’re glad you asked.

The Martlet is considered “independent” because it is not under the control of an outside entity — not the university, not the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) and not the Blue Man Group (though we have nothing against body paint). This means we can cover issues around campus without undue bias in favour of (or against) one of the governing bodies. The Martlet Publishing Society is a non-profit society governed by a volunteer-run, five-position board of directors. All staff, paid or otherwise, must answer to the board, and we welcome all students to attend our board meetings.

In addition to board meetings, the Martlet has weekly meetings to plan the direction of the paper. Our editorial/cover meetings, where we decide the week’s editorial topic (check out some examples of editorials here) and stories that will appear on the cover of the Martlet, happen in the week before a given print issue. If you are interested in getting involved at the Martlet, this is a great way to meet the staff and enjoy some reparté as we hash out the most pressing matters of the day.

The Martlet publishes a print issue once every two weeks during fall, winter and spring (except for during reading breaks and winter holidays). During the summer, the Martlet publishes once a month. The Martlet’s website (which is where you are now) is frequently updated with new web-exclusive content.

The Martlet pre-dates the University of Victoria. It began as The Microscope when UVic was still a wee college (Victoria College). Victoria College was affiliated with McGill University, which has three heraldic martlet birds on its crest. The martlet is a legendary bird (not quite as notorious as the phoenix, but really just as cool) with no feet; this means it must perpetually fly. You can see why a newspaper would choose a logo that implies, “We never quit.” And yes, this logo choice also pre-dates the Portlandia “Put a bird on it” sketch.

If you’ve ever noticed that the Martlet occasionally prints zany issues (like 2013’s “The Hatchet”), it’s because we have a time-honoured tradition of printing spoof issues on or around April 1. Gotcha!

Maybe you have more serious questions, like what our constitution looks like and what our bylaws entail (hint: they don’t involve parking restrictions). Click on the links below to read those documents. And if you want to skip the legal jargon and find out how to get involved, click here.

Links to important Martlet documents

Board of Directors

The Martlet Publishing Society has a volunteer, five-position, elected board. When these people finish their terms, we will need other dedicated volunteers to take on their important responsibilities. If you’re a student who would like to get involved in maintaining the integrity of our society, please contact us.

Meeting Minutes and Documents

If a UVic student has questions regarding Martlet Publishing Society documents, they can contact business@martlet.ca


The Martlet Team, Vol. 72


Kate Korte

Email: edit@martlet.ca

Senior Staff Writers

Christopher Driscoll

Alec Lazenby

Michael John Lo

Boston Laferté

Business Manager

Draven Clemah

Email: business@martlet.ca

Design Director

Sie Douglas-Fish

Email: Design@martlet.ca

Staff Editorial Assistants

Mary Heeg

Kiley Verbowski