The Martlet has been UVic’s source for independent news since 1948. We have a strong audience of approximately 1000 readers per day on our website, and pride ourselves in being the place the UVic community can look to to learn more about what’s going on at their university.

The Martlet is also a well-known launchpad for journalism careers. Martlet alumni have gone on to write for the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, the Tyee, CBC, and many more reputable outlets. To find out how to write or edit for the Martlet, click here.

How often does the Martlet publish stories?

Whenever something newsworthy happens at UVic, we try to be on it. If you have a story tip, you can e-mail edit@martlet.ca

The Martlet publishes an issue once every two weeks during fall, winter and spring (except for during reading breaks and winter holidays). Every second issue is a print issue. During the summer, the Martlet publishes one print issue a month. We also publish articles online, post on social media, and send out a regular newsletter.

What does it mean to have the Martlet as an independent student newspaper?

The Martlet is considered “independent” because it is not under the control of an outside entity — not the university, not the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) and not the Blue Man Group (though we have nothing against body paint). This means we can cover issues around campus without undue bias in favour of (or against) one of the governing bodies.

The Martlet Publishing Society is a non-profit society governed by a volunteer board of directors. All staff, paid or otherwise, must answer to the board, and we welcome all students to attend our board meetings. We have our own policies and board, independent of the university or the UVSS.

Why do you call yourselves the Martlet?

The Martlet pre-dates the University of Victoria. It began as The Microscope when UVic was still a wee college (Victoria College). Victoria College was affiliated with McGill University, which has three heraldic martlet birds on its crest. The martlet is a legendary bird (not quite as notorious as the phoenix, but really just as cool) with no feet; this means it must perpetually fly.

I have an opinion about something that was written in the Martlet. What should I do?

We welcome Letters to the Editor. They must be 200 words maximum and can be submitted to edit@martlet.ca. You can also simply reach out to us on social media or by email to express how you feel about our coverage. We appreciate hearing from our audience.

The Martlet is a student newspaper so we encourage kind and constructive criticism. Harassment will not be tolerated, as per our Code of Conduct.

Links to important Martlet documents

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If a UVic student has questions regarding Martlet Publishing Society documents, they can contact business@martlet.ca


The Martlet Team, Vol. 74

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Design Director – Sie Douglas-Fish design@martlet.ca

Senior Staff Writers – Ashlee Levy, and Boston Laferté

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