Adrienne Mercer Breen: Why do we need the Martlet?

Alumni Testimonials

As part of the Martlet 70 Fundraiser, we’ve asked former Martlet staff to answer an important question: why do we need the Martlet?

I can only speak for myself. Why did I need the Martlet? I am always learning, always full of questions. I needed the Martlet because it encouraged curiosity, critical thought and community.

I was a pretty big introvert in university. For some reason, during my third year I replied to a Martlet ad asking for volunteers to help out with layout and paste-up. I showed up on a Tuesday night and Alisa Smith – who is still a dear friend – handed me an Xacto knife. I found my people that night.

As the weeks, months and years passed, I became a writer and photographer, and eventually, an editor. I became embedded in this vibrant, determined community. No matter where I go in my life, I will never forget the camaraderie I experienced at Martlet editorial meetings, sitting cross-legged in a circle on the Cinecenta stage.

Twenty years ago, in an essay I wrote for the Martlet’s fiftieth anniversary, I wrote “The Martlet is a place where people can stand up for what they believe in, where debate is welcomed and difference is appreciated.” I still believe that.

The Martlet is a place where meaning is the message. Access to the Martlet provokes thought and provides an alternative world view. After twenty-five years, the Martlet still feels like home.

Happy 70th anniversary. And thank you.
Adrienne Mercer Breen
Production Coordinator 1994-95
Co-editor 1995-96

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