“Ah”: 15 of my favourite Vines from 2015

Humour Stories | Satire
Illustration by Jenna Keshavjee
Illustration by Jenna Keshavjee

If Vine has proven anything, it’s that Shakespeare wasn’t lying when he wrote “Brevity is the soul of wit.” With only six seconds of video available, you gotta get in, and get out. No fluff. No padding. Just a shot of comedy espresso straight to your mobile device (or computer, if you’re one of those people).

At time of writing, I’ve liked 538 Vines (not necessarily all from last year); narrowing down my favourites to a list of 10 (then expanding it to 15 because hey, 2015) was no easy task. But we’ve got big hits (yes, Peanut Butter Baby absolutely makes an appearance), and some cult players. It’s my hope that this cross-section will show the non-believers what they’re missing; and if you’re already a voracious Vine fiend like myself, I hope you find something to enjoy.

Without further delay . . .