And they’re off! Student election campaigns now underway

Campus News

It’s that time again: the UVSS student election campaign period has begun, as Connect UVic and Energize UVic launch their respective campaigns for UVSS Board of Directors, UVic Senate, and UVic Board of Governors.

Both slates’ Facebook pages are now active, including candidate’s individual platforms, and Energize UVic has even built its own website. Full candidate platforms are also available at the UVSS Elections Office website.

Oh, I get it... Image via Facebook
Oh, I get it… Image via Facebook

Connect UVic’s Facebook page includes an admittedly slick campaign video featuring each candidate, and outlines the slate’s platform. Connect UVic’s focus is on financial issues like reducing student debt and lowering CARSA fees, environmental issues such as divesting from fossil fuels and enhancing food security, and student events including interdisciplinary lectures and “interactive social events.”

*"Dancing in the Dark" plays softly* Image via Facebook
*”Dancing in the Dark” plays softly* Image via Facebook

Energize UVic’s website states that their platform is focused on keeping student fees low by ensuring effective financial management of the SUB’s businesses, increasing transparency in all areas of the society including financial and board-related matters, and reducing red tape for clubs, course unions, and events.

Only one current board member, Director-at-Large Kate Fairley, is running for re-election this year. Fairley is running with Energize UVic for Director of Outreach & University Relations, a position she was nominated for last fall when former director Ben Lukenchuk resigned. The position was ultimately given to Alysha Flipse, then director-at-large.

There will be three separate events for students to hear candidates speak to their platforms and debate one another: an all-candidates forum on Feb. 27 at 2 p.m.; the Senate and BoG forum at 4 p.m.; and the lead director’s debate, co-hosted by the Martlet and CFUV, on Feb. 28 at 3 p.m. All three will take place in the Michele Pujol Room in the SUB.

Online voting opens on Wednesday, March 1 at 9 a.m., and closes on Friday, March 3, at the same time.

The Martlet will have more on the elections, including looks at both referendums up for a vote, in the coming days. The UVSS elections supplement will also be included in this Thurday’s print issue.

UPDATE Feb 21: We’ve updated this article to include Energize UVic’s main platform points now that it has updated its website.