Apology re: “A Modern Modest Proposal”


The Martlet ran a story in its Humour section on March 14 (Volume 65, Issue 27) titled, “A Modern Modest Proposal: How to liberate the destitute and drug-addicted from their plight and for their potential to fuel the local economy.” In the subsequent March 21 issue, the Martlet published letters from the public expressing concern about the content of this piece. We also ran a staff-written clarification in the same issue.

In light of further community feedback, the Martlet editorial staff would like to apologize for any emotional or psychological harm our publication of this article may have caused to street-involved persons or persons dealing with addictions. Though harm was never intended, we acknowledge the adverse impact the article had on some members of Victoria’s community.

The Martlet thanks those who have articulated the specifics of how this article was received and will strive to better consider and anticipate articles’ impacts in the future.