APRIL FOOLS: Boundless — the app guide to nature’s most beautiful Facebook profile pictures


Sometimes you want to escape it all and just stand above the evergreens, perched atop the summit of an immense peak and enjoying the setting sun. Boundless can take you there with little or no effort on your part.

Boundless is more than just a map app. It guides you to the most convenient, majestic natural landscapes near your current location and provides the tools for rustic yet sensitive photo-ops. In mere minutes, you can now imply to your friends and family that you live an idyllic, bucolic lifestyle, connected to the outdoors. Your new Facebook profile pic is going to look amazing.

With the touch of a button, Boundless will make sure that while the sun begins to set, you know just where you need to be — leaning candidly against a Garry oak or arbutus. Just tap the Carpe Diem button, and Boundless will select the right co-ordinates and moment for your photo, adding the faintest natural touches, such as lens flares or vintage filters.

You won’t be alone come the dying of the light, either. Boundless comes with a curated yet comprehensive list of spirits and beverages to accompany any mountaintop image at any time of day. For example, if you are stargazing atop Victoria’s Mount Tolmie, Boundless suggests a flask of Jäger or a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. For morning walks along the shore, try a locally-roasted-ethically-sourced-organic-fair-trade-Tanzanian Americano.

From its gorgeous, oak-inspired interface to its option of authentic film reproductions, Boundless is certain to leave you feeling in touch with your surroundings like never before. But more importantly, it’s even easier to purport this to others. You will also love the howl feature that allows users to tell others how they’ve recently communed with nature.

One of the best parts of Boundless is its in-app store that provides users with even  more ways of making the application their own, sharing their individuality. Get away from the harsh digital style with hand-painted watercolour, charcoal sketch and burnt-wood block filters.

The thing that makes Boundless so special isn’t its powerful rendering engine or any technical mumbo-jumbo. No, what makes this app so powerful is that its creators understand the need for tools like this. Tools that help modern thinkers and creators craft their current identity without prescribing what their future will hold. Without Boundless, you could spend an entire weekend solitarily hiking through the backcountry looking just for that perfect moment with your surroundings. Now you have the tool to do this efficiently and in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an hour, ensuring you never have to miss a single class in your DIY screen-printing workshop series.