Beauty marketing is wrong

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The other day I was waiting for an appointment and grabbed the closest magazine to distract myself. I was overwhelmed by all the beauty-related ads. My heart breaks over the marketing efforts pursued by heartless, profit-seeking corporations that go to great lengths to convince women (men as well, but particularly women) that they are less-than-beautiful as they are—all to create the idea that beauty can be attained if their products are purchased and consumed. Bastards.

Beauty is not something that comes in a package. Billions of dollars are spent annually to convince women that they need makeup to be, look, or feel beautiful. What a load of crap. Women are absolutely beautiful as they are. Beauty isn’t solely a physical attribute; beauty is also the result of personality, genuineness, and confidence. It breaks my heart when I see a woman wearing a lot of makeup. And not a great deal of things break my heart. The cancellation of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Heart wrenching. Dropping any amount of pizza on the floor for longer than five seconds. Devastating. When I see a woman wearing a lot of makeup, I can’t help but think that she has been convinced by marketing efforts to believe that she isn’t beautiful as she is. If that is the case, what a shame.

I don’t mean to imply that wearing makeup is inherently wrong or that wearing a certain quantity of makeup is a testament to how a woman actually feels about herself. I’m simply sharing my disgust over marketing efforts that try to convince women that they require the use of their product to look, feel, or be beautiful.

If anyone reading this believes in any way that they aren’t truly beautiful unless they add layers to themselves, I implore you to reconsider. It isn’t true in any sense for anyone. I challenge you to find a single person that isn’t truly beautiful when they smile genuinely, regardless of what they’re wearing. Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time searching for what you can’t find. You have exams to study for, fool.