Best of Martlet headlines from 1968–1989

Campus News

“DRUGS: where’s it at?”

March 5, 1968

Current UVic writing instructor and Vancouver Sun contributor Steve Hume wrote an article investigating the prevalence of drug use. He explained the illegal drug market, related legislation and international considerations in the first piece of his series on the subject.

“SUB opens Monday”

Aug. 22, 1972

The Martlet reported on renovations to the Students’ Union Building (SUB), including expansions to the cafeteria and the air-conditioning. The highlights, however, were two 18-foot, dark oak-stained tables and several barrel tables “intended to give the impression of a campus Medieval Inn.” The updates included high oak stools, benches and oak barrel armchairs purchased from England for the then-brickwork foyer.

“Trudeau, ‘beating the drums of national unity’ ”

Oct. 26, 1972

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau addressed a crowd at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, saying that Canada no longer had an identity crisis and that we were no longer “in doubt” about who we were as a nation.

“Math prof proposes 90-minute classes”

March 1, 1973

Today’s schedule of having two 90-minute classes per week, as well as the three hour-long classes, was proposed in 1973 by Marvin Shinbrot, a professor in the Math Department at the time. Previously, the schedule fit courses that went from Monday to Saturday. Shinbrot had professors in mind when devising the re-formatted schedule, giving them days off from teaching responsibilities to conduct research.

“Disco hits the Library”

Oct. 13, 1978

A large donation to the library’s music and audio department brought Saturday Night Fever to its collection, filling a gap in contemporary music with artists such as the Bee Gees and Jethro Tull.

“Women physically capable”

March 15, 1979

The Martlet printed an article outlining the work of two Massachusetts researchers whose study dismissed the notion that women aren’t strong enough to do what was traditionally considered “men’s work.” Almost all of the women involved in the study completed “heavy work,” and 92 per cent completed “very heavy work” such as carrying a 10-kilogram load up a slope and using treadmills at various speeds for an eight-hour work-day.

“Line-ups make reg[istration] ‘sweatshop’”

Jul. 15, 1982

Students began to line up at 6 a.m. in the SUB, and by 11 a.m. on the first day of course registration, the line was out the door. Students waited up to seven hours to register for their courses, hoping there was still space left in classes that fit into a schedule.

“UVic gets engineering school”

Feb. 10, 1983

The B.C. Treasury Board approved UVic’s request for a $15-million Science and Engineering school and complex. UVic President Howard Petch put forth the request to promote high-technology industry development on the Island.

“Students party less” 

Nov. 2, 1989

A survey on the habits of Canada’s post-secondary students found that students in 1989 would prefer to spend their money on travel, clothing and computers rather than partying.  The study noted that students were older and had more disposable income than in the past. Notably, research showed that beer consumption was down slightly — 43.3 per cent of students didn’t drink at all.