Board shorts: Feb. 23 — Victoria students get non-voting seat at transit table

Campus News


Director of External Relations Greg Atkinson announced that the UVSS and the Camosun College Student Society made a “historic win” by earning a non-voting seat at the Victoria Regional Transit Commission. This gives UVic students influence on decisions made by the Commission. Atkinson acknowledged partners at Camosun College, Director-at-Large Lindsey Willis, and Unifor 333, the union to which Greater Victoria bus drivers belong, for helping grant UVic and Camosun their seat.

In a press release issued on Feb. 20, Atkinson stated that UVic and Camosun have 36 000 students combined, forming “the largest ridership demographic and stakeholder in the Capital Region.” By having a non-voting seat, someone who represents these bus riders can “sit at the table with local mayors and councillors as partners in delivering better public transit in Greater Victoria.”


Director-at-Large Katerina Perlova discussed the accomplishments of the Mental Health Campaign this year. She called the campaign a success, as students got involved and responded positively to UVic’s efforts to raise awareness of mental health issues. This year, UVic hosted four Mental Health First Aid workshops, aimed at suicide prevention, and earned a $2 000 grant in order to have more workshops in the future. So far, students have had to pay $50 each to attend the workshops. With the grant, workshops may be offered for as low as $35 per student.


Many candidates for the March 4–5  UVSS election attended the meeting. Director of Student Affairs Kaylee Szakacs thanked them for participating in student politics, but reminded them that the meeting was a campaign-free zone. The candidates silently observed the meeting and did not promote their candidacies.

The next UVSS board meeting will be held in the SUB Upper Lounge at 6:00 p.m. on March 9.