Board shorts: June 16

Campus News


UVic representatives updated the UVSS board on the closure of the SUB parking lot. The cost of the new bus exchange, estimated to be $1.5 million, will be shared by B.C. Transit (who will pay two-thirds) and the university (who will pay the remainder). While the UVSS has received complaints about a lack of consultation, Neil Connelly, Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability, said that there was a meeting on Nov. 7, 2013 in the Michele Pujol Room from 3-6 p.m., several advertisements, and online information before construction began.

The new bus loop will be designated for buses heading down McKenzie Ave., while buses by the bookstore will head downtown to avoid the congestion caused by the crosswalk. Additional information and a concept image for the new bus loop can be found at the links.

Board members were left wondering why the university glossed over the option to build a small parking lot and drop-off zone between the Halpern Centre for Graduate Studies (GSS) and the SUB. Board members and SUB staff speculated that the university was reluctant to get an estimate or pursue construction due to the high cost, which UVSS leaders and SUB staff estimated would be similar to the cost of the bus loop.


UVic security has been monitoring use of the two disability parking spots near the SUB, and while they are in use nearly all the time, Patrick Seward of UVic security that other disability spots by Clearihue have gone under-utilized. Representatives from the Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) and UVSS board members believe that those spots are too far from the SUB for those with mobility issues.


The SUB Upper Lounge is slated to close for renovations at the end of July. It will reopen before Labour Day weekend. Architectural plans can be found here.


The UVSS also approved a motion to issue a press release in support of the B.C. teachers’ strike. Though some members did not agree with the precise wording of the release, it passed with majority support.