Board shorts: Sept. 8

Campus News

Student Union Development Summit (SUDS)

Director of Finance and Operations Anas Cheema attended the Student Union Development Summit (SUDS) conference from Aug. 14–17 at UBC under instruction to report back with information on the workshops. Chairperson Kayleigh Erickson heard from another member of the conference regarding Cheema’s alleged lack of appearance at the workshop events, and other members of the board pressed Cheema for more information that he gathered at the conference. Board members referred to UVSS policy to remind him of his role at the conference. Cheema then spent 3–5 minutes providing a more detailed overview of his experience, including information on sexual assault awareness in universities, and suggested that if board members require more specific information, to inquire with him personally.


Committee Appointments

The Board moved to nominate students and UVSS Board members to various positions on committees. They called for nominations for University Human Rights Committee advisory groups, and other committee vacancies such as campaigns, Finance and Operations, ombudsperson, mental health, OneCard, and more. Not all vacancies were filled.



17 newly established clubs were ratified with funding of $74.40 for the fall semester. These clubs include: Asian Pacific Conference Club, Catholic Christian Outreach Club, Divest UVic, Formula Hybrid SAE, International Relations and Diplomacy, JDC West, Ocean Fresh, Run UVic, Start-Up Club, Together Against Poverty Society, University of Victoria Consulting Club, UVic Archers, UVic International Student’s Association, UVic Video Club, Victoria Geoscience Club, and Your PAAS to Asia Student Conference.

Seven clubs were established without funding for the fall 2014 semester, due to late applications or not requiring any financial assistance. These clubs include: CABS-UVic, Fiddle Jam, NovelScience, UVic Blood4Life, UVic Science Fiction Book Club, Victoria Geoscience Society, and Vikes Bhangra.
110 clubs are returning this year, 90 with funding of $142.36 for the fall semester, 20 returning without funding.
10 clubs were awarded a Special Project Grant, each between $300 to $800 to allow them to host a special event.