Canada Day voted best national holiday by Settlers’ Magazine

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Finally, our country made it onto a list that has nothing to do with drinking water advisories

Two Canada Day celebrators realize their country’s national history has more to do with oppression than ice hockey. Photo by GoToVan via Flickr

Settlers’ Magazine, a publishing organization known for their motto, “Well I think the border should be over here,” has once again released their international top three national holidays for the year, and our very own Canada graces the top of the chart! A close second to Canada day is Columbus day, followed immediately by Australia day. Honourable mentions are Russia’s Defence of the Fatherland day, and Founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea day.

The list has been updated four times a year since the early sixteenth century by Colonialism Quarterly, but after a rebranding effort in the 1940s to distance the journal from its roots — prompting the name change to Settlers’ Magazine — the ranking is now regularly published once a year.

The list is ranked using aggregate factors such as casual nationalism, ignoring of genocide, and kilograms of flags worn as clothing per capita.

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