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Are you checking up on your Elders?

Many people are worried about jobs, money, and education through the pandemic; but, the gift of families, our Elders, and our communities is worth more than any material gain that…
introvert COVID-19

It’s time to channel your inner introvert

B.C. has been hit with a new set of COVID-19 regulations, drastically reducing social gatherings, and you know what? I’m actually kind of enjoying it. For those who enjoy socializing…
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Tweet first, think later: Twitter can’t keep up with Trump and online disinformation

As highlighted in Trump’s recent post-election tweets, social media is often riddled with disinformation. Having platforms flag inaccurate content is not enough to solve this challenge — it requires user…
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It’s time to renew our COVID-19 vows

Well ‘rona, we all figured we would be writing this eventually, we just didn’t know when. Everyone seems to have forgotten about you or put you in the backs of…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Why “something else” needs to be taken more seriously

Though the category “something else” on CNN might be portrayed as a simple and innocent mistake, one that can be changed at will after outrage,

The labour of social activism: what are we working for?

As we work for social justice, we must remember where our social movements came from and consider what they can realistically achieve. From Singapore to Canada, considering the colonial origins…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Confrontations at 1492 Land Back Lane bring some glaring colonial hypocrisy into light

Despite all these rights embedded within Canadian law regarding land and treaties the OPP and Foxgate, the company building the housing developments, keep referring to the defenders as “lawless”.
David Strong Building with COVID-19 notices on the doors

Give students a break

But although reading break is a welcome breather, the reality is that students and professors need more than just three days — we need less work.
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Dear Mr. President: A Martlet welcome to Kevin Hall

The students, faculty, and staff here are passionate and unafraid of raising issues that are important to them. In the past two years, students and faculty have asked the university…