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NEWS UNSETTLED | The word “genocide” is not up for debate

"I find myself extremely frustrated that the use of the word “genocide” to describe the violence and oppression that Indigenous Peoples in so-called North America have experienced and continue to…

Social media is harming our democracies and ads are just the tip of the iceberg

Politicians using money to gain influence is nothing new. But with Facebook under fire for refusing to fact-check political ads and Twitter deciding to ban them, any voter has to…

EDITORIAL | For students struggling with work, debt, and mental health, reading break isn’t enough

As we come back from reading break, let's be real: for how many students was it actually a real, stress-free "break,"and for how many was it a much-needed few days…

Surviving Ecuador: National riot breaks out while studying abroad

Five UVic students arrived in Ecuador for a study abroad program. One month later, intense protests broke out across the country against the government’s cessation of fuel subsidies.

Censorship hinders social change

It’s no surprise that Canada doesn’t make a habit of banning or burning books. Although it feels foreign to think about the suppression of free expression, it happens here too.

What can Hong Kong help us remember?

The struggle of protesters to express a deeper sense of historical awareness around Hong Kong’s sovereignty, or any other kind of struggle for the right to control the nation-state for…

Put down the Christmas list — it’s poppy season first

There actually is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas — and it isn’t Black Friday. It’s Remembrance Day.

In the wake of the 43rd federal election, where do we go from here?

This is the question that would have been on the minds of many Canadians as they woke up following the 43rd federal election. But where exactly has this election left…

LETTER | Re: “Celebrated Vikes Women’s Rowing Head Coach under investigation for abuse and harassment”

"In its exchanges with the writer, the university explained that privacy law strictly limits what information it can provide. This includes whether a complaint has been filed against an employee,…