Coffee shop opens —serves coffee!


By Agnes Elliott Doyle

A brand new coffee shop is slated to open in Victoria next week. There is high demand for another one to open, since according to studies the current number of cafés (the specific count unknown) isn’t quite fiercely competitive enough.
I sat down with Eugene Bean, the owner of the coffee shop, before its opening day, to find out what makes this place so unique.

“What I think is so astonishing about this place is that it’s just so, how can I put this . . . great. You know?” he said during the exclusive and private interview.

The café, which is the size of a normal café, is on the corner of one of the main streets downtown. “It has tables, and even chairs! Oh, and the coffee, well, it leaves you with this feeling,” reveals Bean.

Apparently, the café may or may not provide tea and snacks; however, they will certainly provide coffee—brown, warm, and better than ever!

Locals are excited about the new business because it will be, “hopefully, pretty much like all the other coffee shops in town,” says one diehard fan of warm drinks. Josephine Brown has been going to one of the city’s most popular places for quite a few years. Amazingly, she says she drinks coffee nearly every day.

“We haven’t seen a story like this in years—it’s what the people want to know about, and it’s happening,” said the local police about the new instalment.

Sounds like many people will probably visit this place every morning (or afternoon) for their daily dose.