Community Support Map

File photo by Belle White

The Martlet is creating a Community Support Map. The map will serve as a living reference document for students and community members looking to access services locally. In light of COVID-19, we are constantly hearing from our community about an increased need for mental health services, housing assistance, and other crucial support. Our journalists will also use this map to find organizations to speak to for articles on various issues affecting our local community.

This form allows us to collect information from organizations for the map, file it into a Google Sheet in the Martlet’s Google Drive, and convert it into an accessible Google Map. With any luck, it’ll look like this!

As with everything we do at the Martlet, this project is guided by our statement of principles which state that the Martlet shall serve “to act as an agent of constructive social change, working to entrench civil, land, and human rights for all people and eliminate oppressive social barriers, including those based on political beliefs, sex, religion, race, colour, ethnic group, sexual preference, citizenship and socioeconomic class, and support other groups and individuals who apply these principles in their entirety.” Any group that discriminates on one or more of these barriers or engages in racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive practices will not be included.

This map will be a living document. As such, each organization will be responsible for keeping their own information up to date. If you need to update the address or any other details, please do so by filling out this form again and indicating that this is a change to the existing information so it doesn’t get replicated.

This map is reserved for nonprofit organizations, campus supports, and mutual aid organizations that operate in the CRD. Additionally, as our goal is to promote support services, nonprofit organizations that have the main purpose of political advocacy will not be included. Together, we hope to increase awareness of the services available.

Lastly, if you are a business or community member and would like to support our map with a donation or through advertising with the Martlet, please contact We would be happy to list you as a sponsor on the map page.