Cyclist enforcement drama

Letters Opinions

I’m writing about a situation I witnessed on March 12 in the UVic bus exchange, between two police officers and a student on her bike.

It was around noon and quite busy with students waiting for buses and walking back and forth. All of a sudden, a large police vehicle sped into the area, entering the wrong way, and stopped in front of the Bookstore. It caught me by surprise, and I wondered what they were responding to. I looked closer and saw that the officers were giving a ticket to a student on her bike who had just ridden across the walkway.

My thoughts here are not about my personal opinions on our overprotective society (bike helmet laws) but more about the overly dramatic and ineffective way that the police officers dealt with the situation.

First of all, in regards to safety, having a large vehicle speeding into this area, in the wrong direction, with a multitude of students walking around, would potentially cause more damage than a student on her bike.

Secondly, if the police are interested in enforcing this law with respect, I would propose that they take an exemplary approach and meet the students on a similar level, on a bike perhaps and without the drama.


Frances Semple

UVic student