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Datsik photo provided
Datsik photo provided

Electronic artist plays Distrikt

On Wednesday, March 18 from 10 p.m.–2 a.m., I arrived at Distrikt to see one of my favorite electronic artists, Datsik, hosted by Blueprint Events. It was a well-mixed display, and like most raves, it was intense, euphoric, and an awe-inspiring celebration of life. Me and roughly 175 other guests could feel the vibes of the music coursing through our souls.

Opening for Datsik were two partners, Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez, originally from Christchurch, New Zealand. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they made an impression on me that night. Playing together as Truth, Roake and Fernandez played an energetic and exhilarating opening show, which set the stage for Datsik. The entire club was held in beatific enchantment. It was just the beginning of a rowdy Wednesday night, and I was already soaked in sweat.   

A Canadian-born music producer, Datsik, also known as Troy Beetles, came on to a frenzy of approval from his fans. His Ninja Nation tour, showcasing the Down 4 My Ninjas EP, he brought a magnificent PK Sound system that shot waves of deep bass through our bodies. The dance floor was absolute savagery, humans forgetting themselves, taken by the wildness.

Sweat was dripping from the unrelenting dancer’s skin, not the least bit inclined to leave for a glass of water. Fog rolled over the dance floor in a cooling mist, endless spectra of light reflecting off every particle of water and glycol in the air, and the wild eyes looking at the stage. Rays of light streaked through the club in an impossibly complex choreography, too fast for the eyes to follow. The surrounding strobe lights flashed, bringing our surroundings in and out of perception.

The attire was thoroughly diverse: You had your boys in their plain white V-neck and button up plaid, and those that took the easy road and just threw on a graphic tee (myself included). There were guys dressed in dirty, worn-in tank tops that they wore to every rave they attended. Accessories varied from shutter shades to glowing gloves; there were even a few spirit hoods to be seen. The ladies were all dressed to party, pulling out their favorite jeans and skirts. I saw everything from ripped, sleeveless band shirts, to furry boots and fishnets. Some outfits I would describe as radical; one girl was wearing a studded spike bra, which certainly caught attention. Everyone was dressed for one purpose: to have an amazing Wednesday night.

As I probably made clear, everyone attending had an outstanding experience. Between the Snoop Dogg and Biggie Smalls remixes and the encore called for by the crowd, it was a hypnotizing performance. Both Datsik and Truth secured my respect that night.

For photos, see Distrikt’s Facebook page at facebook.com/DistriktNightclub

WARNING: ears may bleed