Director-at-Large Tribesty Nguyen gives full reasons for resigning


EDITOR’S NOTE: Tribesty Nguyen requested that comments he emailed to the Martlet be published in their entirety, so that all reasons for resignation be taken in context together. This is his explanation for having resigned from the position of director-at-large of the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) on Feb. 25, 2013. To read the news story about his resignation, as well as the resignations of three other board members, click here

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I agree with being transparent to those who elected me. I am resigning for several different reasons. For one, I feel like the UVSS’s working environment is unhealthy for me at this point in my life and is not conducive to the way I want to organize, the way I want my community involvement to look  and the way I want to build relationships with individuals and communities. The processes and bureaucracy involved in the UVSS have been very difficult for me to navigate and have been a barrier to the type of work that I want to do with the board. Furthermore, I am unhappy with some of the decisions that the board has made and do not want to be further implicated in that process and those decisions. For those who voted for me last year because of my comments and campaign about supporting advocacy, student activism and social justice, they should be glad to hear that I will still be continuing that work with several organizations and individuals, both on and off campus. For one, my energies from the board will be transferring to support the referendums supporting advocacy and constituency groups, which provide support and services for this campus’s marginalized populations. I hope those who have supported me in electing me last year will also come out this year and support these referendums on March 6. I would also like to extend a thanks to those on the board who have been kind and caring to me and who have supported me throughout my time on the board and in my decision to resign.

Thanks for your time.

Tribesty Nguyen