Director of events candidate 2014: Casey Lazar


Casey Lazar is the independent candidate for director of events. He is one of three candidates running for this position. Voting for this election opens March 5, 2014.

What area do you study?

I’m a psychology student. I’m doing a bachelor of science in psychology though, which is a bit different than most people. I think most people do a bachelor of arts. I’m finishing up my fourth year, and I still have just a few classes to go.

Sum up Casey Lazar in one sentence.

Future director of events?

What kinds of events do you want to see on campus?

I want to see a wider variety of events. That’s sort of my main thing. In the past, there have been some awesome events and I want to keep doing those ones too, but I want to diversify what goes on at UVic and, you know, get more people engaged who might not have had something for them in the past.

What are your thoughts on the events referendum that fell through earlier this year?

It would be nice to have $80000 to work with, but $15 000 is a lot still. You should be able to plan decent events with $15 000.

Why are you the one for the job?

I think I’ve got the most experience. I believe I’m most qualified. Also, I’ve got strong connections to various community organizations—all sorts of different kinds. I think if I‘m elected I’ll be able to make UVic as fun as it can be.

What kinds of events are the most important to students?

Ones involving free food—that’s pretty important. In the past, we’ve had pancake breakfasts, but imagine this, chocolate chip pancake breakfasts.

How do you plan to improve attendance to these events?

First of all, make them better—add some chocolate chips. In the past few years, spreading awareness of the events has gotten better, but it’s still not where it could be, still could be drastically improved. Also, increasing the diversity of the events would get more people interested. The more that are people interested the more people that would get involved.

What made you want to run?

I’ve been here for four years already. I’ve been active in the club system that whole time, and I’ve just seen so many great events fall short because there isn’t support for a variety of interests. There’s just your standard audience that gets placated.

What groups do you want to get involved with in campus?

Everyone that we can. Might be a bit simple of an answer, but if you limit yourself to only getting involved with certain groups—you’re going to limit yourself.

What’s one band you’re really into right now?

There’s a band called Atrous Leviathan from throughout Victoria. They’re buddies of mine, and they’re just gearing up for their debut album’s CD-release show.