Director of events candidate 2014: Ian Lackie


Ian Lackie is the Vision UVic candidate for director of events. He is one of three candidates running for this position. Voting for this election opens March 5, 2014.

What area do you study?

I study in economics and business. I’m in my fourth year.

Sum up ­­­Ian Lackie in one sentence.

I’m a driven guy—driven and focused.

What kinds of events do you want to see on campus?

I just feel as though it needs to have larger events that are more inclusive to the greater population of the school and I just think in general the events over the past year and the past four years haven’t been as well known as they should be and not as well marketed.

What are your thoughts on the events referendum that fell through earlier this year?

It’s disappointing. Obviously it would be nice to have a larger budget but I personally believe that the fact that people wouldn’t be able to give up an extra two dollars each term just shows how much faith they have in UVSS events to begin with. I think this year it’d be nice to prove why it would be nice to have that extra two dollars.

Why are you the one for the job?

I’ve always done marketing gigs. I worked with experiential marketing companies where I represented companies such as Home Depot or WestJet, NOS Energy. Especially in that area it’s about representing a brand and I feel as though UVSS is a brand that needs to be represented. It needs to have people who are more out there; go getters that want to collaborate with other aspects of campus.

What kinds of events are the most important to students?

I think events that are most important to students get them to socialize, especially with first years coming in, 2,000 of them. They need to be out there and welcomed so they feel like a family.

How do you plan to improve attendance to these events?

Better marketing. Better communications with Res Life, as well as clubs and advocacy groups. I think they need to be more promoted with one on one communication rather than flyers all over the place and on tables.

What made you want to run?

So I started off in residence. I felt as though I wasn’t welcomed as much as I was expecting. I missed the first month. I missed that initial period to really get to know people and get to know a lot of my friends. So then after that, my second year, I became a CL with a goal to have the best community in the building I represented, which was Sir Arthur Currie, and this is as I feel as though is the next logical step to promoting and stepping up the game to expanding to the entire campus wide events and have that inclusive feeling to everybody.

What groups do you want to get involved with in campus?

Residence absolutely. I really want to promote Res Life and get them on board. As well as a lot of the clubs, sports teams, advocacy groups as well would be nice to have their support. Just have it more organized so people don’t feel like they’re missing out and have to choose between different events, like sporting events. So we can actually organize an event or multiple events that can have better attendance due to just the timing of it.

What’s one band you’re really into right now?

A band I’m really into? I like tons of different bands. Like right now One Republic I feel as though is kinda coming back as well as, like I like house music and well as some rap. I’m quite wide spread.