Director of Finance and Operations takes leave, interim director elected

Campus News

One might think the Director of Finance and Operations position is cursed after the Board of Directors approved a six-week leave of absence for Tristan Ryan on Monday, Nov. 16, making this the second year in which someone holding the beleaguered position has had to step down.

Citing standard protocol around employee privacy, the UVSS could not confirm the reason for Ryan’s leave to the Martlet. The motion passed on the condition that Ryan informs the board of his decision to return (or not) by Dec. 23.

The board then opened nominations for an interim director. Brydon Kramer and Kylie Pettifer, both directors-at-large, nominated themselves for the position.

Speaking to his qualifications, Kramer said that his experience working as a director-at-large has been “pretty special,” and that while he admittedly lacks some of the skills required of the position, he was eager to develop them and “make Tristan proud.”

Pettifer, who is minoring in Business, spoke to the “great work” that the UVSS does, but acknowledged that they “have a long way to go.” She also hoped to spread some of the work amongst the other directors-at-large, as she worried that Ryan may have been overwhelmed, and the directors underutilized.

After a secret ballot, Pettifer was elected interim director.