UPDATE: Director of Outreach and University Relations resigns; interim director elected

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UPDATE Sept. 20: Alysha Flipse has been elected as interim director of outreach and university relations at last night’s board of directors meeting.

Flipse was one of three nominations for the position, along with Michelle Brown and Kate Fairley. Flipse was elected with 11 votes, with Fairley and Brown receiving nine and zero, respectively, after two previous rounds of voting where neither candidate won a majority of votes.

“I’m really excited,” Flipse said. “I’m honoured that everyone else on the board felt that I was capable to take this on. And I’m really excited to go forward with it and I know that the execs and the excluded management are really going to help me out, as well as the rest of the [directors at large].”

ORIGINAL STORY: The Martlet has learned that Ben Lukenchuk, director of outreach and university relations, has resigned from his position on the UVSS board of directors, effective immediately.

According to an email that was sent to the board today at 2:01 p.m. and signed by the UVSS executive, Lukenchuk will be returning to Calgary due to a family emergency. No other details were disclosed.

The board will motion to appoint an interim director of outreach and university relations at Monday’s board meeting at 6 p.m. It may also choose to hold a public by-election open to all members, though “this has not been done in the past,” the email reads, “as it costs roughly $10 000–15 000 and uses a great deal of Society resources. It would also result in this position being vacant for several months.”

The email also states that Sara Maya Bhandar would be resigning from her position as UVic Pride board rep. Alexis Masur has been put forward as the interim rep to be ratified at Monday’s meeting. Bhandar will continue to serve as a UVic Pride coordinator.

Lukenchuk’s attached formal resignation says that he considered it “a privilege to work with each and every member of the UVSS Board and UVSS staff,” and that he regrets he “couldn’t be a part of it longer.”

When asked for comment, Kevin Tupper and Emma Kinakin, directors of finance and operations and student affairs, respectively, referred to the circulated email. It reads: “We will continue to do great work as a board together. It is highly unfortunate that Ben has a family emergency. We will support him throughout this process.”

This is not the first time a lead director has resigned from their position midway through their term: in December 2015, Tristan Ryan resigned from his position as director of finance and operations; and in November 2014, Anas Cheema also resigned from the same position. Both directors were replaced by directors-at-large.