Dogs not so bad

Letters Opinions

As the owner of a large dog who lives in the city, I confess to reading Therrien’s “Dogmatic” piece with a sense of mild amusement. Referring to the ownership of dogs in a city as “morally and ethically wrong” seems a marked overstatement. I am not suggesting that dog owners shouldn’t be responsible when on outings with their pets. ’Leashing up’ when you encounter small children, other pet owners, or anyone who seems remotely anxious or frightened, as well as the picking up of excrement, should be a given. However, it should also be acknowledged that dog ownership provides a lot of joy and an incentive to exercise for a large number of people; a citywide ban on dogs is, and should be, unrealistic. The article also appears to be referring more to the esthetic value of parks, rather than the environmental. If we truly want to protect a place with sensitive environmental concerns, then no one should be allowed in the area at all. A reasonable view of the situation would seem to suggest that dog ownership is no more reprehensible than the ownership of a car or an outdoor cat.

Laura Vinnedge
UVic Student