Draft audit of financial statements and course union funding key points at latest UVSS board meeting

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A Tweetcap of the Oct. 1 meeting, because, let’s face it, aren’t tweets easier to read than just a recap?

After a near two-hour meeting last time, the UVSS Board of Directors conveyed for a much shorter event in the Vertigo Lounge of the Student Union Building on Oct. 1.

The agenda topics ranged from discussing specific wording in a couple of policies to a proposed change to Robert’s Rules of Order, along with a surprise presentation from the director of finance and operations Curtis Whittla.

As Director of Outreach and University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer brought the meeting to order, Whittla proposed a last-minute amendment to the agenda that would allow him to give a presentation to his fellow board members.

The meeting continued with updates from clubs and course unions, where Director of Student Affairs Isabella Lee reported that the latest meeting with course unions “was horrible” and that they “had a very bad time.”

“We tried to [give] out funding today,” she said, “and unfortunately the numbers didn’t seem correct by about $5 000, so I will be talking to our accountants tomorrow to double check the actual numbers.”

Following updates from clubs and course unions, Whittla fired up the projector and handed out copies of the draft audit of UVSS financial statements from the 2017/18 year, and budget projections for the 2018/19 fiscal year.

For clarity purposes, the Martlet will be reporting in more detail on the 2017/18 audit and the 2018/19 budget in a separate piece.

Whittla concluded his presentation and the meeting moved to the scheduled main motions.

First came a discussion about the Policy Development Committee and the specific wording regarding their involvement in electoral policy.

The board then debated a motion regarding an expansion of Robert’s Rules of Order, which brought forward the first disagreement of the evening.

Robert’s rules establishes that impartiality must be maintained by the chair of board meetings, yet as it stands, some board members felt that this impartiality was not being maintained. As such, the motion was to ensure greater impartiality from the chair of board meetings through establishing more concrete language in policy.

Lee was the first to say she wouldn’t support the motion due to the redundancy of the motion.

Both Director of Campaigns and Community Relations Ainsley Kerr and Director-at-Large Jordan Gilson countered Lee by saying the proposed motion would increase activity among board members.

After discussion around the table, the motion passed, with Lee and Director-at-Large Tyler Arnold as the two members who voted against the motion.

The board then quickly passed a couple motions clarifying the rebate program for co-op students and distance students, including striking the obligation that the Director of Finance must track the number of co-op rebates students receive and when they were received.

Following this, the board moved to in camera and it was time for the Martlet to leave.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the SUB Upper Lounge, while the UVSS AGM will be held Oct. 11 at 2:30 p.m. in Vertigo.