Eats, chews and leaves: Bin 4 offers a bevy of burgers

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I need to pose a few questions. Does food taste the same to everyone? If I polled a group of 100 hungry individuals, would they all describe a green apple as tart? Would they all enjoy it? I believe taste is much like sight. We all see colours, but my version of blue differs greatly from yours, especially if you’re colour blind. This discrepancy in taste trips me up a lot when recommending restaurants to friends. Will they like what I like? Will they taste what I taste?

Bin 4 Burger Lounge solved my problem. My justification is this: people like burgers (don’t argue). Bin 4 offers beef, chicken, lamb, chorizo, bison, tuna, pork, black bean or tofu patties, so both carnivorous and vegetarian palates can indulge. And burgers are offered on brioche buns, lettuce stacks or gluten-free buns (the gluten-free option being $1.50 extra). No matter the allergy or dietary restriction, an alternative is available.  

But enough about the food for a moment. Expect to find straight-from-the-catalogue furnishings. Think neutral wall colours, stock photography wall hangings and soft, almost too-dim lighting. An oddly L-shaped layout places tables close together. For those lucky enough to snag one, a coveted booth offers the best seats in house. If you’re offered a space at the bar, expect to sit across from a wall of screens flashing various sporting events.

The house-made potato chips ($3) are an uncomplicated starter, pairing well with any of Bin 4’s 10 signature dips. I’ve found a glass ($5.50) or pitcher ($21) of grapefruit mojitos offsets the salty crisps quite nicely. Freshly muddled mint makes all the difference with this sour sip. 

My tip for getting it all? Visit after 9p.m. when the burgers are 50 per cent off with a drink order. Be warned: there will most likely be a wait. 

My two favourite burgers (in no particular order) are the Bin 4 Bistro ($13) and My Big Fat Greek Burger ($15). All burger entrées come with a choice of fries, those potato chips mentioned above or house salad. For me, a burger without fries is like The Office without Michael Scott, but the indecisive can order halfsies of two of the three options. 

The Bin 4 Bistro is the most seductive chicken burger I’ve laid my hands on. Crisp bacon, melted Brie and red-onion jam always hit a sweet spot in my mouth. Entrées also come with one complimentary dip. The basil aioli plays splendidly with the chicken. 

If chicken is a tad mainstream for you, My Big Fat Greek Burger features a lamb patty. It’s a messy affair to eat, as a smattering of melted goat cheese, olive tapenade, oregano yogurt and roasted garlic aioli keep each bite well lubricated. The sauciness is balanced by the crunch of cucumber, lettuce, tomato and red onion. 

If you ever visit, let me know if we share the same taste preferences. Who knows? Maybe we all have a taste-bud twin.