Eco Tip #6 Flexible cardboard

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Cardboard is as versatile as pickle jars when it comes to reusing (remember Eco Tip #1?). Not only does it come in different shapes and thicknesses, it can also be used in tons of different ways. If you move around a lot and/or are a fan of cereal, you are likely in possession of many cardboard boxes. If you aren’t yet, then start collecting immediately, because you can build some very fancy things. Here are only a few examples of how you can reuse cardboard.

Thick and sturdy moving boxes can be stacked together and used as a closet. All you need are bull clips or duct tape and some boxes. Put the boxes on top of each other with the openings facing outwards, fix the construction with the clips and/or tape and you have an easy-to-build recycled closet.

If you have extra-huge cardboard boxes, you can transform them into playhouses for children. Cut out windows and doors and decorate it with the kids. If you don’t have children in your family, pass the boxes on to parents in your neighbourhood — the best childhood memories can be created with a self-made cardboard castle.

The smaller, thinner cereal boxes can be transformed into folders and magazine holders. Simply cut off the lid and then cut out one corner of the whole box at a 45-degree angle so that it has the full length on one side and is half the size on the other. Now you can sort your class material more efficiently.

Whenever you receive a parcel, keep the packaging. Instead of buying new boxes, you can simply reuse the ones you’ve already received for sending stuff.

Cardboard is also a great material for all kinds of crafty things: you could, for example, create your own cards by reusing cardboard as a base.

Keeping a few pieces of cardboard around is a good idea; you never know when it might come in handy. And since the cardboard bicycle has been invented, there seems to be no limit to the ways cardboard can be reused . . .

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