Eco Tip #7 A self-made Valentine’s gift

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Since this issue is dedicated to the best feeling in the world, I’ve decided to come up with an Eco Love Tip. How about creating a self-made Valentine’s gift instead of giving away the 100th rose?

Taking time and putting effort into a homemade gift shows that you care enough for someone to spend hours or even days doing something for them. At the same time, you can make use of your skills, interests and reusable material. You might also end up spending less money, too. Great gifts don’t necessarily need to be expensive.

If you love baking, why not bake your special someone’s favourite cookies? Or you could even go one step further and create a recipe that reminds you of that person. If you decide to experiment with an existing recipe, you might want to try it out once before using it as a gift. When the cookies (or whatever delicious snack you’ve created) have cooled off, put them in a nice (reused) glass jar, decorate it with love and add a sweet personal note. This present will not only be more appreciated than a generic chocolate box, it will also likely be cheaper.

If savoury meals are more your specialty, turn your house into a fancy restaurant and surprise your loved one with the perfect homemade (candlelit) dinner. Create a menu full of dishes they love— even if you personally don’t think sushi and tacos work well together. Preparing your own food is not only cheaper than going to a fancy restaurant, your home is also bound to be much cosier and you get to decorate your self-made restaurant in any style you want.

If you are the crafty type, why not create your own card with reused materials? You can use cardboard for the foundation and cut out paper hearts in various colours. Or you could write, in your best handwriting, a poem on the card. You can also use the paper hearts for marking a pathway to your actual gift (e.g. to the dining table), instead of using rose petals.

A photo collage of the two of you together can be sweet and revive some great moments. The photo project could be created digitally as well and then projected on to the wall if you own or borrow a projector. That would be a nice surprise and easy to set up.

Even if you are not the cook of the year or super excited about arts and crafts, self-made coupons are always a cute way to capture your loved one’s wishes. You can offer them almost anything, from doing the dishes for a whole week to organizing a relaxing day. And if you don’t know what to offer in a coupon, just listen carefully to your special someone (or someones) to find out what they might desire.


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