Eighth annual Eventide music event brings virtual live music to Victoria

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A show by Psychic Pollution
Psychic Pollution, photo provided by CFUV

For the eighth year in a row, CFUV is bringing the Eventide Music Series to Victoria.  The Eventide series is an eight-week-long free music series that spans numerous genres. The series is all-ages and free, a testament to its goal of representing a diversity of voices, as event organizer Asia Rattigan puts it.

As far as the role of CFUV in the series goes, they “aim to provide the resources necessary to help facilitators feel supported and confident.” CFUV also partnered with the City of Victoria and numerous other local organizations.

“Eventide is a way to provide free skill building by the community, for the community,” Rattigan said.

Although the first six years of the event were in person, CFUV had to switch to Twitch last year during COVID-19. This year’s festival was also streamed online, with the final show held with a small in person crowd.

While there have been challenges over the past two years in facilitating the series due to COVID-19, CFUV has adapted and taken steps to stream quality performances online. “We were pretty amped about this series because of our capability to really enhance the live stream production. We had two cameras and a stream deck this year, which have been fun to play and figure out.”

CFUV initially also faced an obstacle in finding artists that were able to perform for the series. With safe practice spaces being few and far between throughout quarantine, many artists are just not ready for live performance yet. Regardless, CFUV and its partner organizations have worked hard to find artists who are ready to perform and willing to do so in a safe manner. 

Each weekly performance is hosted by a different local organization. 

“Having a diversity of local facilitators feels natural for a music series that aims to represent a

diversity of voices,” says Rattigan. “Each community group also provides different connections, experiences, and lenses to Victoria’s music scene that we could not achieve with just one organization.”

This year’s hosts include Jordan Koe, Girls Rock Camp Victoria, ISSAMBA Centre, Jeffrey Ellom, VILA Presents, and the Fifty Fifty Arts Performance. Performers include Morning Coup, Saltwater Hank, Edzi’u, Sister Blanche, Pink Charcoal, JISEI, Elan Noon, Niloo, Quarterback and Psychic Pollution. 

JISEI, photo provided by CFUV

Upon being asked if she had any favourites, Rattigan couldn’t pick just one.

“Each artist, curator, and venue has been so incredible and easy to work with,” she said.

She did, however, let on that both the Elan Noon and Quarterback performances were a highlight.

When discussing where she hopes to see the series go in the future, Rattigan says their goals are numerous. She would like to see CFUV grow opportunities for underrepresented voices, increase funding support, and keep the event accessible. 

Despite unprecedented hurdles and serious logistical complexity, the success of the Eventide series in recent years is a testament to the resilience of the Victoria music scene and the tireless work of event organizers like Rattigan.