Election 2015: the issues at stake

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If you’ve been avoiding student politics for this last year (and we don’t blame you) but still want to vote, look no further than this handy compendium.

Start here:


Slate information:

Involve UVic
Refresh UVic
The Independents (and other independent candidates)

Executive video interviews:

Director-at-large questionnaire responses:


Official Facebook pages:

Involve UVic
Refresh UVic
The Independents

Referendum questions:

Food Bank
Martlet articles:
Food bank shortage raises questions about funding (Oct. 2013)

UVSS Food Bank and Free Store relocates in SUB (Oct. 2014)

Why do you think the food bank is needed? (Streeters, Oct. 2013)

Fee re-allocation question: Both slates support re-allocating money from the UVSS Election Fund to the food bank, as the funding level was set when the society still used paper ballots. After transitioning to online voting, money is now left over.

Information from proponents:
Referendum event page
UVSS page
Food bank info video (YouTube)

Fossil fuel divestment
Martlet articles:

Detailed FAQ
UVSS endorsement in 2013
Getting it onto the agenda (Oct. 2014)
UVic climate forum video link

Information from proponents:

Proponent FAQ
Facebook event

Community Garden:

Martlet articles:

Campus Community Garden profile (Profile, May 2014)
UVSS meeting that covers the increase for community garden (Jan. 2015)

Information from proponents:
Official website
Campus Community Garden Facebook page
Environmental Roundtable Facebook event
Campaign video (Vimeo)
Proponent FAQ

Students of Colour Collective referendum:

UVSS audited financial statements (go to page 13). According to SOCC, they receive about $16,000 per year in advocacy council funding, but that just pays for the co-ordinator, who organizes work study students, does clerical work, and fields questions. With additional funding, SOCC hopes to hold more movie screenings, panel events, and re-open their food bank for self-identified people of colour, which closed due to lack of funding. Currently, other advocacy groups get 95 cents from each full-time student per semester. SOCC is looking for 70 cents per full-time student.

Relevant links:

UVSS Elections Office (for official rules and regulations)