Events Calendar: October 10 – 31



Friday, October 12
Friday Music
Presented by UVic’s School of Music, the second Friday Music of the season showcases voice students. Wouldn’t it be great if they did ‘70s funk classics, including the theme from Shaft? Especially if they have one guy who just goes “wakka-wokka-wakka-wokka” for the whole thing? Don’t smirk; that takes a lot of practice! Okay, I’m joking. I’m pretty sure it’s classical music. But you never know — see if they take requests. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (UVic’s MacLaurin Building). 12:30 p.m. Admission by donation.

Friday, October 12
Public Talk: Archive of the
Legendary Grateful Dead Moves Online
They’ve just put the entire history of the Grateful Dead online. Whoa. If you’ve ever been at all into Dead-head or Phish-head culture, you’ll know that there are people who are totally, and I mean totally, into documenting everything these bands ever do/did. Speaking for myself, I only have that feeling about Star Wars, but I can understand where it comes from — people can get a passion for knowing as much as they can about something they’re really, really into. I’m kind of into the Grateful Dead because I’m a huge guitar nerd and I think Jerry Garcia was a great player, so I want to go see this lecture at Cinecenta. If you’re into dreadlocks, tie-dye, patchouli oil and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, then you’ll totally want to see this, too. For more information, email Cinecenta (in UVic’s Student Union Building). 5:30–7 p.m. Free.

Monday, October 15
Orion Series in Fine Arts presents Bruce Dickey, cornetto
Musician Bruce Dickey performs a concert and gives a musical history lecture in this event called “That Lascivious Cornetto.” The cornetto is a wind instrument, kind of a mix between a trumpet and a flute, that was popular in the Middle Ages but eventually phased out in favour of other instruments. So it’s cool because it’s an instrument of the past, like Captain Picard’s flute. Go watch that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light” — it’s very touching and you’ll probably cry. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (UVic’s MacLaurin Building). 8 p.m. Free.


Saturday, October 20
UVic Humans vs. Zombies:The Fall of Man
“What on earth is this event?” you may be asking yourself. Well, it’s basically zombie tag with a few extra rules thrown in. Remember playing tag when you were a kid and the idea was if you got tagged, you’d get cooties? That’s what this is like, except it’s zombies. Sounds like a good way to take a break from studies and get some exercise. Bring a brightly coloured bandana to wear. Now all they need is a “don’t touch the ground or floor because it’s lava” event. For more information, visit 11 a.m. Free. 

Wednesday, October 10 – Wednesday, October 31 (various days)
Dracula: The Blood is the Life
Craigdarroch Castle’s Halloween theatre production team would like you to know that Dracula is close to being sold out this year, and you may want to consider getting a ticket for a show earlier in October. Yeah, not getting to see this show close to Halloween could be a bit of a buzzkill, but think about it this way — it spreads out the season. Look at Christmas; the holiday season seems to last for a month and a half at least. Why not try to do the same with Halloween? After all, you put so much effort into your costume, so you should wear it more than once. There are a lot of cool ghost stories associated with the castle, so if you haven’t been, this would be the perfect time to visit. One more thing to keep in mind, though — the castle isn’t wheelchair accessible. For tickets and more info, go to or call (250) 592-5323. Craigdarroch Castle, 1050 Joan Crescent. $26 ($23 for members of the castle society). 


Friday, October 12 – Saturday, October 20
Antimatter Film Festival
Don’t let all the cinematic crap that’s coming out in mainstream movie houses get you down; there’s a ton of good films out there. They’re just a bit harder to find, unless you know where to look. Victoria’s Antimatter Film Festival — now in its 15th year — promises to educate you on just what some of that good stuff is. Experimental, indie, avant-garde: whatever you want to call these films, they’ll be showing at Antimatter. I’ve lived in Victoria for seven years now, and admittedly I haven’t made it out to one of these yet. I feel like a tool for not doing so, so this year I totally should go. Don’t make the same mistakes I have. You go, too. For more information, go to or call (250) 385-3327.
Vic Theatre (808 Douglas St.) and an installation at Deluge Contemporary Art (636 Yates St.). $5–$8 (suggested donation).


Saturday, October 13 – Monday, October 15
Art of the Cocktail 2012
As you can guess, Art of the Cocktail is all about the art of cocktails. Who’da thunk it? This weekend-long festival includes taste tests, workshops and cocktail-making competitions. If I went to one of the samplings I’d be all like, “Yeaahhh thisshh issh reeally good!” I admit it. I’m a cheap drunk. So go and have fun. Just don’t be a buffoon like me. For more info, go to Various venues. Ticket prices vary ($10–$170).