A-List: Extremely specific moments worth time travelling to


Let’s face it, we live in a world where Yahoo! owns Tumblr and Greek yogurt is produced en masse in North America. Time travel can’t be far off.

> The moment Steve Wilhite (inventor of the GIF) decided to pronounce the word with a soft “G.” 

> That brief timeframe when Destiny’s Child had four members. 

> Any occasion during Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s life. 

> The first time Michelle Obama saw herself with bangs and then Googled “How long does it take to grow bangs out?”

> The opening crawl of Star Wars: Episode VII. 

> The closing credits of Star Wars: Episode VII. (I pray in this moment I’m pleased with J.J. Abrams’ offering.)

> The day pizza debuted on the McDonald’s menu.

> The moment Amanda Bynes outlives us all. 

> Anytime someone’s about to respond to a text with only “k.” 

> Any century before the invention of the Internet. I want to experience the world the way our ancestors lived — and live-Tweet it. Hmmm, problematic.