Faculty Directors are point of contention at latest UVSS Board Meeting

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Your September 17 BoDs meeting Tweetcap

File photo by the Martlet

On Sept. 17, the UVSS Board of Directors gathered in the upper lounge of the Student Union Building for a near two-hour meeting.

From serious discussions regarding the implementation (or not) of Faculty Directors, to less serious discussions on changing the title of the Director of Outreach and University Relations position, the meeting culminated in the board passing the proposed agenda for the UVSS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Oct. 11, and ratifying funding for this semester’s clubs and course unions.

The meeting started off seamlessly and moved rapidly to question period. The Martlet had some questions.

On the topic of Faculty Directors, Curtis Whittla, Director of Finance and Operations, noted that these positions have been implemented at other universities, albeit with mixed results.

Speaking with regards to the still-vacant position of Director of International Student Relations, Pierre-Paul Angelblazer, Director of Outreach and University Relations, explained that finding someone to fill it is not so simple.

Following question period, the Board nominated and ratified Director-at-Large Julia Witte to the position of Food Bank and Free Store Director.

The Board then decided to move towards ratifying  the proposed agenda for the upcoming AGM; however, this could not be done until each motion had been carefully discussed. So began the debate regarding Faculty Directors, with Directors-at-Large Jordan Gilson and Gulseerat Boparai voicing their concerns.

Whittla concurred, saying that the language regarding Faculty Directors was confusing, however it took some time for the board to come into agreement on how to modify the language in the AGM agenda to ensure it made sense.

Whittla expressed that if Faculty Directors were to become official positions, representation would be unevenly spread depending on the size of the faculty and the rigidness of the program.

Whittla also pointed to the fact that it could make things more confusing when it comes to UVSS elections.

Angelblazer and Director of Campaigns and Community Relations Ainsley Kerr, on the other hand, appeared to be proponents of the idea.

Director of Student Affairs Isabella Lee put the debate to an end by reasoning that it was worthwhile to bring the proposal to implement Faculty Directors to the AGM on Oct. 11, where students can decide for themselves if they want this kind of representation or not.

The remainder of the proposed agenda discussion for the AGM went by relatively quickly, including a motion where the board will try to remove the need to advertise in the Martlet for future AGMs, Special Resolutions, Ordinary Resolutions, and Referenda.

At this point, the mood in the room changed somewhat, and the directors began to deliberate on the UVSS position titles of “Director of Campaigns and Community Relations” and “Director of Outreach and University Relations.” A general sense of weariness could be felt among directors and spectator alike. An hour and a half had passed since the meeting first began.

Eventually, the proposed AGM agenda was ratified, and following a six-minute break, Angelblazer loudly banged his gavel to recommence the meeting.

Following the passing of clubs and course union financing, the board moved to in-camera, which meant that it was time for the Martlet to go.

The next UVSS Board Meeting will be in the Vertigo Lounge of the SUB on Oct. 1 at 6 p.m.

The UVSS AGM will be in the Vertigo Lounge of the SUB on Oct. 11 at 2:30 p.m. You can find the agenda for this meeting in the most recently published issue of the Martlet.