Farewell from the editor’s desk

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Of all of the pieces I have put off writing (still sorry about that, Myles), this is one I could procrastinate away forever.

Because by the time this piece makes its way into the paper (or the website, if we can get it to work for just a little while), my time as co-Editor-in-Chief will have come to an end. And while I’m incredibly excited for what lies ahead, it’s hard to say goodbye to the place I have called home for the last number of years.

From the moment I first entered the Martlet office, I was immersed in a vibrant, supportive community composed of some of the most interesting and dynamic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I won’t be the first Editor-in-Chief to tell you that my time as a student journalist has taught me more than any degree ever could. Of course, my writing and editing skills improved, but I also learned courage and tenacity, sensitivity and strength. I learned how to ask critical questions, how to disagree with someone compassionately, and how to stand up for myself and my values.

Since becoming co-Editor-in-Chief, I have been privileged to see so many of our staff and volunteer contributors grow and learn in this way, too.

And so before I go, I just wanted to say: I am so proud to be a Martleteer.

Photo by Belle White, Photo Editor

To our staff and volunteers who fill our pages with informative, entertaining, and occasionally controversial content: keep doing what you’re doing. Keep asking big questions, because who knows where they’ll lead. And thank you for dedicating your precious time to us — we value you more than we can express.

For those of you who have considered volunteering, but haven’t yet plucked up the courage (or had the time) to reach out, do it. Yes, you’ll have a publication credit to put on your resume — which to be honest, is neat enough in and of itself — but stepping through the doors of the Martlet office will likely mean so much more. Maybe you’ll interview someone really cool, like Chris Hadfield or Rick Mercer. Maybe you’ll accidentally discover a cause you’re passionate about. Or maybe you’ll make a newsroom’s worth of new friends who support you through all that student journalism entails.

For those of you who take the time out of your day to read the Martlet, thank you. Thank you for supporting us, for inspiring us, and for challenging us.

And if this is the first time you’ve ever picked up the Martlet: hello! We’re so glad you’re here.

Sarah Lazin

Editor-in-Chief, 2017–18