FASHION PROFILE: What is your campus wearing?

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Profile: Cati Landry

English Major

Who do you think is your style inspiration?

“I love looking through different chapters of culture and seeing how women dress and how people of all different kinds dress. Probably my main fashion inspiration, lately, has been my grandma. She has been sick so we’ve been looking through a lot of old family photos together. And she was very glamorous and she gave me a lot of her old jewellery, that was costume jewellery from the ‘60s and whatnot .

Apart from her, I love Clueless, that movie. Cher [Horowitz] is definitely someone who I look to if I’m in a pinch [and] need a cute outfit. I sometimes watch that [movie] and try [to] verbatim copy what she has done. But all the characters, like Tai and Dionne, they’re all fab. I actually just watched it. I love the ‘60s for sure. I really the Supremes. I don’t dress quite as fancy as they do, but I love the coordination in their outfits. Yeah, anything with a little bit of an old school feel really gets me.


What’s your favorite places to go shopping for clothes?

“My favorite stores of all in Victoria are thrift stores. I grew up thrifting sort of out of necessity with my mom, and also because I did a lot of theatre and performing. We’d go costume shopping and then it just really became a love even more over time. And now probably 90 per cent of my closet is thrifted.

In Victoria I really like WIN, Women in Need — it’s downtown on Pandora Street and . . . they get great donations because a lot of women who are more established donate there to help women in need. And I also really like rural thrift stores . . . My grandma lives in the Westshore, so when we go [thrift shopping] there it’s fun.”