Fel’s beer funds going towards B.C. wildfire relief

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Most people buying beer at Felicita’s would say their money is being put to good use, but now patrons of the campus pub can drink throughout the month of July knowing their cash is aiding more than just inebriation.

25 cents from each sleeve and 50 cents from each pitcher sold in July will go to Canadian Red Cross relief efforts across B.C. The funding will directly aid those affected by the devastating wildfires that have spread across B.C.’s interior in recent weeks. Felicita’s ran the same campaign for a week in May 2016 to raise money for those affected by the Fort McMurray fires.

Kate Fairley, UVSS director of university relations and outreach, says the fundraiser is the UVSS’s way of helping with the tragedy of the wildfires.

“There are a lot of families that are being hugely impacted and [that] have to leave their homes,” Fairley says, “so I think it’s really important that we as students support those people and support our fellow British Columbians.”

As Will Gallagher, general manager of Felicita’s, explains, the pub chose to donate beer profits particularly because of the popularity of the product.

Photo by Myles Sauer
Photo by Myles Sauer

“We sell more draught than anything else and it’s not even close,” Gallagher says. “We figured that would probably be the most effective way to find a portion of our revenue that would be considerable enough to actually help.

“It’s a topic that is really close to home to a lot of people here and it’s something that we can help with directly.”

The wildfire crisis, which started earlier this month, has already displaced 14,000 people from their homes in the interior. More than 1,000 firefighters are battling approximately 220 wildfires that stretch across more than 400 square kilometres.

In addition to the Red Cross’s relief efforts, outgoing B.C. premier Christy Clark has announced a $100-million relief fund and firefighters from across the country have come to the interior to control the fires.

And while there are many other ways for individuals to help — like being mindful of accidentally starting fires and/or keeping fire safety kits at home — the easiest way for UVic students may be to grab a pint or two.

They’re going to drink anyway; they may as well put it to good use.