First 2016 board meeting quick, to the point

Campus News

The first day back to classes is often fraught with excitement, anxiety, and several fresh cups of coffee to help ease the transition into 8:30 a.m. classes, but the first Board of Directors meeting of 2016 was remarkably quiet.

Board reports, or lack thereof

Reports from constituency organizations and committees were tabled until the next meeting on Jan. 18, as there was nothing new to report since December. One exception was the Students of Colour Collective, which announced a new hire to replace Fardoussa Omar, who departed from her position last semester for personal reasons.

Motions come, motions go

Two new motions were introduced, the first opening nominations to elect the chair of the Electoral Committee, and the second opening nominations to elect directors as second chairs to various other committees. Both were tabled until next meeting, as none of the committees would meet until the end of the month, and Chairperson Bronte Renwick-Shields wasn’t in attendance to clarify some confusion amongst the board regarding the second motion.

Electoral policy gets a makeover

A third motion introducing amendments to UVSS Electoral Policy passed. One addition to policy explicitly bars any UVic or UVic-affiliated group, on or off-campus businesses, political parties, the Martlet, and CFUV from endorsing a slate or candidate, though this merely clarifies an already present policy stating that candidates/slates couldn’t use the Martlet or CFUV other than by “letters to the editor, personal interviews concerning a candidate’s nomination or platform, or The Martlet election supplement.”

Another addition specifically outlines which campaign materials are eligible for distribution, as the previous policy only includes “buttons, stickers, handbills, bookmarks or other campaign materials.” The new policy adds pins, condoms, seeds, tea bags, and temporary tattoos; UVic Pride board rep Sara Maya also asked that lube be included.

Odds and ends

The board also approved $1 000 for the Music Makers and Stigma Shakers, who are planning a mental health benefit concert, which will include speakers, and local acts. The motion to approve the funds was unanimously carried.

Director of External Relations Kenya Rogers also reminded everyone of the pancake breakfast taking place next week on Jan. 11 in the SUB, so be there for that.

The next board meeting will take place on Jan. 18 at 6 p.m. in the SUB Upper Lounge.