Five ways to beat writer’s block

A-List Humour

It’s that time of year again where you are forced to write papers about things that are stupid and meaningless totally worth your time and effort. Here are some ways to conquer that dreaded writer’s block.

Lower your standards

L33T speak and trailing off about your troubles with your mother is fine in your paper if the bar of excellence is scraping the ground.

Ask for help from the real world

Breaking down in public and making a scene will speed up the process of receiving assistance.

Scour the World Wide Web

The only useful material you find may be a set of reaction GIFs about World War II, but in this crazy, topsy turvy world of electronic information, who is to say what’s “academically sound” or “readable”.

Reject reality

Nothing can bother you when you are King of the Gum Drops

Build a tiny fort out of your writer’s blocks to hide inside and cry in

Use duct tape to help secure it into place. Decorative pillows are also a nice touch.