Five ways to stay motivated during finals season

A-List Humour

March is coming to an end and the finish line is in sight. Sure, after this is all over, you will wish you were still so stressed about school you couldn’t worry if your life or degree had meaning, but who has time to think about the future? Your pieces of paper covered with various arrangements of the alphabet are due! Here are five ways to keep yourself motivated and make sure you don’t fall off the self-assured bandwagon.

Determine what motivates you

Is it money? Fame? Showing your fourth-grade teacher that you really could amount to something even though he thought you were a slacker and made fun of you in front of all your classmates who never respected you after that HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW MR. JOHNSON YOU BIG PHONY!

Pump yourself up with music

Any activity can be made better by blaring the Rocky theme song at full blast. Rig up a simple system involving a boombox strapped to your back and your iPod. Anyone who complains is a downer, not living fully in the moment, and super jealous of your rig.

Don’t be afraid to turn to others for help

Help may manifest itself in different forms, such as a bottle of whisky or an unexpecting person on the bus who isn’t forward enough to tell you to stop talking or following them even after you both get off at their stop.

Reward yourself after accomplishments

Eat your favorite meal, take part in your favorite activity, or treat yourself by doing something new. That mysterious drug dealer you pass all the time has been hassling you to try his new product for a while now; why not indulge yourself after a job well done?

Remember that your papers totally matter to the world and the people around you